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Best and simple

I cant believe it when i found this it was just what i was looking for so i have started with the new service year and committed to getting thru the whole bible i tell everyone about it

Thank you

Thank you for this app,can you help me make Chinese

Finally I have a consistent study routine

This is exactly what I needed since I am very forgetful and unorganized.

Grateful User

This app does a good job of helping me stay on track with my Bible reading. Measuring progress encourages giving proper attention to the really important things. Thanks!

Use daily

This app is great for keeping track of my personal bible reading. However I would love for it to be useful for personal study and family worship. It would be more valuable if you could choose bible study publications rather than chapters of bible.


Great job

Almost perfect!

While this app, like all apps, could use new and/or improved features, I give it five stars. There are many pluses: an easy to navigate interface, a link to read our very own NWT online, the ability to indicate the verses read and not just the chapter, reminders for family worship and meeting preparation, and an at-a-glance summary. Best of all, it does beautifully what only one app in the past few years has been able to accomplish for me: the ability to track multiple daily/weekly Bible readings. The app's execution was cumbersome and inelegant, so I stopped using it some time ago and have been on the lookout ever since for something better. I found it.


I wish to see Spanish language in this amazing app. Hope it comes soon :)

I love this app!

This app has helped greatly with keeping up with my bible reading/daily text/meeting prep! 5/5! Deserves more than 5 stars!

Just what I was looking for!!

Love this app so much!

Great app!

Very simple and easy to use to keep track of the Bible reading. I like how you can mark also the verse you left off if you didnt read the whole chapter. I also like that it tells you the progress. It also has reminders and you can set them a different day and time. Thank you for this app!


This awesome is perfect. Links to JW library bible section to read the Bible. You can put down the verse you stopped at so you know where to begin or chapter. I love the look

Great little app

This is a great little app, lots of potential. I would like to make a couple of suggestions, although I'm sure you've already thought of them: - iPad version with the ability to synchronize via iCloud with your iPhone - ability to edit reminders - ability for reminders to sync with calendar Thanks for this app. Very useful


Hi Glenn, I just wanted to thank you for this app also to make a suggestion. Would it be possible to add the ability to take notes? Also the ability to date and time stamp when you started reading the Bible.

From a regular pioneer

Thank you very much for your hard work and effort in this app. As a regular pioneer, it is very important to have a regular personal study, and this app makes my life a lot easier. Thanks once again and may jehovah bless you very much


So far I like this app.

from ASL boston cong.

Thank you for help me regular bible than any app. Even your hard work without charge

Awesome way to keep track of bible reading

Thanks brother.

Love it

Love it! Helps keep track of Bible reading and progress

Wonderful Tool!!

I just downloaded this app and already it has proven to be very useful. It keeps track of the chapters you read, tells you what percent of the bible you've finished, and even has a section to set reminders for not only bible reading but for other theocratic activities too, very helpful for those of us who may forget the "more important things" at times due to a busy schedule. You won't have any regrets when you download this! -Lacee


I am so happy to have stumbled across this app. My mother has The Watchtower Online Library on her computer, but I wanted it on my phone. Not only do I now have it, but I have a way to keep track of my (should be) daily bible readings. Thank you so much to the brother who created this app!!!


This app is just what I've been looking for! A simple and easy to use app to help Bible students to track their Bible reading progress on their device. Thank you!!!

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